The Trumpet Shop is inspired by the owner’s love of Jazz and all things vintage and delectable. The shop at 46A George Street is a treat for the senses. There’s local gins to sample, Italian olive and truffle oils to indulge in, and great Jazz playing to whisk you away to a bygone era while you enjoy a good mooch around. Everything in the shop has a story to tell and it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else on the high street, and certainly not online.
It’s worth a visit to The Trumpet Shop just to view its gallery of prints for sale showcasing a menu artwork of restaurants and cocktail bars from bygone eras in places such as New York, San Francisco, and London. Prices range of £18 – £25 (unframed). There’s also a selection of vintage railway poster prints via the National Rail Museum, including Edinburgh, North Berwick, and The Flying Scotsman. If you like your wine and gin you’re in luck. There is a well-chosen selection for sale including Billecart Salmon Champagne, European and South American wines, and Scottish gins.
Prefer something lighter? Try the Eteaket teas or Dear Green Glasgow Coffee roasters coffee, they go exceptionally well with the Ocelot chocolates made in sunny Leith.