The closer to 40 I get, the more wrinkles I notice. Some in places I never expected. Like smile lines. On my cheeks. Who gets wrinkles on their cheeks? This gal. My friend assured me it wasn’t age, just dehydration. Try a good nourishing oil, she suggested, they’ve got one at the body shop.

I like the body shop for shower gel and body butter but it’s not my first choice in skincare. I trust this friend, though, and her wrinkled cheeks, so I gave it a go. The nice young lady in the store, with nary a line on her face, explained it was a dry oil made with “3 precious seed oils from all over the world –  Camellia seed from China, Black Cumin from Egypt, and Rosehip from Chile as well as a blend of essential oils”. She put it on my hand and it smelled lovely, it also soaked right into my skin without leaving a greasy patch which was good news for my T-zone.  At £28 it’s the most expensive single item I have ever purchased at the body shop, but less than my last face cream.

I put it on in the mornings and evenings after cleansing. I don’t bother with toning but if you do they have a lovely face water to compliment the oil. It absorbed well into my skin and left me with a fresh-faced glow. Foundation went on well over it as did my primer (when I remembered to use it).  Over the weeks of trialling the facial oil, I found I had to be careful not to use too much in the morning or my face got too shiny by lunchtime. I had no reactions or breakouts and my skin seemed to like the product.

But what about the cheek wrinkles you ask? GONE! They only appear when I actually smile, so I’m trying to do less of that. I don’t think this product is a wrinkle miracle worker but I do believe it’s nourishing and moisturising claims, and it lasts ages. Definitely a good buy for extra care in the winter or dry skin though might be too heavy for some in the summer months.